Every Department has a department library attached with its classroom. The department libraries are not only enriched with text books, gifted books, journals and study related other printed materials  but also with CD/DVDs for audio-visual aid. The procurement, accessioning and other technical processing work including barcode tagging are done centrally through the library automation software Koha.

Salient features of Departmental library:


  1. Each of the departments of the college has a substantially well sustained departmental library.

  2. The books of departmental library are issued mainly to the honours students of the concerned departments with predefined rules and regulation about borrowing privileges.

  3. The departmental library not only contain books and journals on different core areas of the concerned subjects for students and faculty members alike, it also stocks a substantial number of audio and video disc to which different featured, documentary films and other audio programmes are regularly presented to the students.

  4. The departmental library solely managed by a faculty member of the concerned department and the supervision and logistic assistance of the central library. 

  5. Every year along with the purchase of books in the central library books are also purchased for the departmental libraries as well, based on the requisitions placed by various stake holders.