In order to make the students aware of their own cultural heritage and the relics of the lost city Chandraketugarh after which the college is named and to preserve all these, an effort is being made by the Governing Body, of this college, to establish a museum named as "Chandaketugarh Museum', within the college premlses. Already approx 400 antique materlals have been collected for the museum. Various colleges have already visited this museum. Preparatory works are going on for the development of the museum.



Aims and Objectives of the Museum


• To educate and enlighten the students on Chadraketugarh‘s ancient history.

• To enlighten them on the ancient archaeology and the history of Bengal.

• To inform various research scholars and historians of the state and the nation about the heritage of Chadraketugarh.

• To build a state level museum in the College.

• To bring international awareness about the latent heritage of this place.




Its Salient Features


The museum serves as an important means for sensitizing the students of the college in general and those of history department in particular towards a proper understanding of the culture and historical heritage of Chandraketugarh which is a part of the ancient history of Bengal.

Likewise, it also serves to spread awareness among the local community regarding the rich cultural heritage of the place.

The local educational institutions like school and colleges are actively encouraged to use the museum for spreading the awareness among students regarding the historical heritage of Chandraketugarh. This is done by organizing regular visits from these institutions to our museum.

The different universities of West Bengal send their research scholars, students and faculty to our museum for furthering of research in this area.

The museum encourages independent scholars from all over the world to visit the museum. The institution invites these scholars basically by spreading awareness through its websites.

The College and the Department of History actively engage into research for the continuous enrichment of the museum.

Artefacts are collected from different sources for the constant enrichment of the museum.




Its Achievements


The museum has achieved much success because many universities and colleges have sent their professors, scholars and students to visit it. The eminent visitors are mostly from ASI, Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, Rabindra Bharati University, and West Bengal State University, etc. Various colleges with their professors and students have collected information through lectures and demonstrations conducted by our college. They have visited local sites and they were given guidance for their college. Various international visitors have also visited the museum. However, we also have greater plan to establish a state level museum and prevent local smuggling of artefacts. We have approached local collectors for obtaining their collections. Various newspapers have published articles on our attempts. Dr. Gouri Sankar De, a leading researcher on this area, has referred to the existence of our museum in the College in his book Pratna Prantar Chandraketugarh.